verbs, nouns and adjectives

verbs, nouns and  adjectives


  • Beauty :   Bunaken shows the beauty of Indonesia sea
  • Beautiful           :   I like this beautiful gordyn in my living room
  • Beautifully         :   She dance “ Tari kecak “ beautifully


  • Intelligent          :  Tedy is one of the intelligent student in this school
  • Intelligence       :  This robot has intelligence circuit


  • Forget             :  I can’t  forget my experience when I stay in New Zealand to get my doctoral degree
  • Forgetful           : My  grandmother is 85 years old, now she is easy to forgetful something
  • Forgetfulness    : that car crash because of its driver forgetfulness


  • Personal          :   Please come to the second floor to see the personal manager
  • Personality : I like this Actor because he has good personality


  • Elegant :  This house is the most elegant building in our neighborhood
  • Elegance         : You look so elegance with that suit
  • Elegantly         : That models elegantly walks in the catwalk


  • Weak               : That old man is to weak to carry that suitcase
  • Weakness        : We can  compare  the weakness of this tools by this electronic machine


  • Quick               : this good manager can make a quick decision
  • Quickly            : he runs very quickly
  • Quickness        : I like playing Badminton because it can practice my quickness


  • Commentary     : the author of  this book give a good commentary
  • Comments        : the student have to writing the comments down on the paper


  • Deep                : Bengawan Solo is a deep river
  • Deeply             : Romeo loves Juliet so deeply
  • Depth               : Orang Utan lives in the depth of the jungle


  • Harm                : this insect is very harm for human health
  • Harmful            :This poison is very harmful

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